Anxiety Club 16 oz Glass Can Cup

Love Elle Boutique


The cutest and best way to drink your iced coffee.

Treat yourself to a daily reminder of the importance of mental health with this lovely Anxiety Club glass can from Love Elle Boutique. Featuring a thoughtful and uplifting graphic and a convenient 16 oz size, it's the perfect way to stay hydrated and focused on your well-being throughout the day.  


16 oz Glass Soda Can cup comes with Bamboo Lid and Plastic Straw. This is shown with the 10mm glass straw.


Available in Clear, Frosted (Matte) Holographic Pink, Holographic Blue, Holographic Purple, Holographic Green.  *Default cup is clear if no option chosen 


10mm glass straws come with an additional lid.

You will receive 2 lids-  one for 8mm plastic straw

  & one for 10mm glass straw.

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